Data helps companies win.

However, not all companies can afford to have a data team. With GoatData, you now have an in-house data acquisition team.

Data is the new water

Our mission is to empower organisations with the world’s largest source of data - the internet.

With the explosion of internet connectivity, there is a flooding of user generated content - reviews, feedback, opinions and so on. Big companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars to read this data and build products.

In the first and second decade of this century, data was considered to be the new oil.  As we move into the third decade, data is as essential as water.

Method to the madness

At GoatData, we believe every company should have access to high quality data from their industry.

For instance, an e-commerce company should have a clear idea about when their competitor changes prices. A lingerie brand should know what design is selling fastest on Amazon. The examples are countless.

Our expertise is in retrieving and categorising this data scattered around on the internet. We then give it to you in a form that is easy to consume and analyse.
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What we're all about

At GoatData, our values influence every decision we make.
Learn more, grow more
Create maximum value
Customer is king
Playing the long game
Success isn’t a straight line
…All while having fun

Real advice on how to use your data.

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